Listicle Assignment 2–16

For the listicle assignment, I chose to write about my top three clothing brands that I love and have discovered through my love for thrifting.

To start this blog off, Free People has recently made my top five. As a college student, I’m not crazy about their prices at all. However, re-selling apps such as Poshmark, and DePop sell relatively brand new items from Free People for a much more affordable price. Over the past year, I have made a small collection of free people items that I love and are my go-to pieces for days where I’m not quite sure what I want to wear. In a sense, it’s dressing down a nicer top or even dressing it up.

  1. Free People. A piece I love: The Ruby Jacket / retails at $128

The second clothing brand that has sparked my interest lately has been lululemon. I’ve been buying clothes from Lulu for a handful of years now, since my Freshman year of high school, to be exact. I believe lululemon, along with Abercrombie, have definitely changed their target audience. When I was in high school, Abercrombie and Lululemon were both known for only appealing to smaller sizes (00–4). As someone who doesn’t have a 25 inch waist, I felt uncomfortable buying from them. However, as of recently, Lululemon has expanded its sizes (up to size 20 I believe.) It’s encouraging to see them expanding into larger sizes, as it is a workout/leisure brand. They still have to work on the pricing though….

2. Lululemon Aligns 25" / Retails at $98 (not including tax + shipping)

The third brand I would like to highlight here is Reformation. Being on the pricier end, Reformation has its pro’s and con’s — just like any other brand. One aspect of the brand I’d like to highlight is it’s honesty surrounding the adverse effects of the materials they use. On every item, the website states how much water is being saved, how much waste is being saved and the carbon levels.

3. Reformation Willow Two Piece Set / Retails at $178

Student at Marquette.