Live Coverage: Golden Globes 2021

Before watching the Golden Globes, I looked at the nominations list with my parents over FaceTime and realized that I haven’t seen many of them this year. The only one I had watched all the way through was Schitt’s Creek, so naturally, I wanted them to win. Before I begin,

That whole schpeel with Amy Poehler about ten minutes in was so weird. I realized it was a comedian scene but it poorly delivered in my opinion. I also found it so weird that both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey weren’t synched up while delivering the nominations.

I thought most of the commercials were extremely weird, especially the Jeep commercial with the zoo animals and the keep charging in the middle of a desert. Besides that, I really enjoyed the commercials around breastfeeding! I loved that it’s being normalized without making it into something that it’s clearly not and never will be.

I also recognized Norman Lear as the producer of All in the Family! I studied the sitcom in my digital media class with Amanda Keeler. With controversial issues that are so prevalent today, it’s incredible to see how we’ve come and how much of an impact his comedy has. It was incredible to see how many hit shows Lear has produced and how many I’ve seen without associating the two together.

One quote I took away from this that I truly loved from Norman Lear was “Laughter adds time to one's life.” It reminds me of the time I took a Comedy class with Tracey Sturgal. There were no real rules in that class, which was one of the reasons it was so appealing, but because comedy has no real boundaries. It’s a way of self-expression for many.

I loved seeing Eugene Levy. Every single time the commercial cut to the zoom videos for comedians who were coming, he always looked clueless to me and I found it hilarious.

Overall, I thought it was a wonderful event. I used to watch the Golden Globes with my family growing up so it was a little sad that I couldn’t be with them yesterday to watch it, but we did talk about it over Facetime which made up for the fact. Great show, nothing special.

Student at Marquette.