For years now, my go-to coffee choice has been Starbucks. My loyalty has always been to them because it’s what I know. I used to drink probably 2–3 cups a day but have now lowered that number to every other day — not because my love of coffee has gone down but because I’m trying to save money. I’ve always admired their online presence and how much the company cares for its employees, their giveaway at the end of the year, and how easy it is to customize a drink. There are so many combinations of drinks and special little things to add or take away from a drink.

According to my research, Starbucks has a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and of course, their own mobile app that was launched in 2011 — Starbucks Rewards. Starbucks also has a Youtube account that is not very active and has a following of around 311K. On their youtube account, they mainly stick to posting introductory videos to the company, their partners, stories of their employees, and videos of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. There are also videos on how to activate your Starbucks card and other videos on how to activate your card.

Below is a tweet on how to combine Starbucks card balances:

I would describe Starbucks as “young” and up-to-date on Twitter. As most people know, everything “in” is posted on Twitter or TikTok — and later distributed onto platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. According to their Twitter bio, their mantra is: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Below, I’ve included some screenshots taken from their TikTok page and what comes up when a user searches for Starbucks.

Starbucks Twitter account posts only once a day, every few days. They have re-tweeted some accounts that mention them, but only if it pertains to Starbucks. They also reply to Tweets that use the Starbucks hashtag (#Starbucks) or @ them. The only team up they have done recently is with Headspace, which is a meditation app, encouraging mindfulness with your coffee in the morning. A bit ironic considering what caffeine does to the body. On LinkedIn, they’re not as active and really only use the platform to promote themselves, their accomplishments, and updates around employees receiving the vaccine. Their most active account would be the Starbucks Tik Tok account. The account posts every two days and usually is reposting other account’s work that mentions Starbucks, recipe videos, or videos of good deeds.

From the looks of it, Starbucks hosts their giveaway around Christmas time. From December to January, Starbucks hosts a series of contests through their app called Starbucks For Life. What do the winners get? Winners of the popular sweepstakes win a free beverage or free food item from Starbucks over the next 30 years, according to their website. According to the site, seven winners took the grand prize this year, two of them from Canada. To make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, by playing the games for prizes, everyone wins something — as long as they play. According to their website, Starbucks also began a Starbucks for Life sweepstakes for partners.

Starbucks engages fans through Twitter and Tik Tok. Occasionally, but not as often, they will reply to users on Tik Tok. On Twitter, Starbucks has one main account but multiple accounts that are managed from around the world (i.e: Brazil, UK, Germany, etc.) There are also accounts on TikTok that are dedicated to re-creating the drink for users that may want to try something new but are not sure how to do it. There are also accounts on Instagram for people who love coffee but may need their macros counted and are not sure how much sugar goes into a particular drink. On their Twitter platform, Starbucks retweets their customers, credits photos taken and responds to their users every day.

Below are some recent tweets of interactions between Starbucks and customers, polls that have been run, and tweets that were posted around the Most Favorite Time of the Year — PSL release day.

Student at Marquette.